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Join M5 Small Business Accelerator Program

Join the M5 Small Business Accelerator! A Community Built for Entrepreneurs at Every Stage of Business

Enrollment open now through April 30!

About the course:

Brian and Mary Heffernan are serial entrepreneurs - Brian was an attorney and Mary founded 12 small businesses in Silicon Valley before they changed paths to become cattle ranchers. They jumped in to ranching knowing they'd need to develop a new business model from the ground up reaching customers all over the country by selling online and shipping their ranch raised goods.

These courses share all of their knowledge and expertise to help you build and grow YOUR small business, especially in the agricultural arena. From entity formation and insurance to payroll and funding, from branding and marketing to growth through social media and diversification in profitability to selling online and shipping goods.

Mary and Brian are passionate about empowering entrepreneurs with the the tools to build and grow successful businesses from the ground up and to inspire agricultural business owners to fulfill and continue to grow their small business dreams and find profits quickly.

My review of Five Mary's Farms M5 Entrepreneurs Program and Enrollment Info.

I first started following Mary Heffernan of Five Mary's Farms on Instagram when I heard about how her ranch was donating meat to families who'd lost their homes to a Northern California wildfire. A good friend of mine grew up in Weed, California, not far from Fort Jones which is home to Five Mary's. It is always inspiring to see good people doing good for those around them. I wanted to support this ranching family who was helping out those in need. These are my kind of people, I thought, as I clicked over to her profile page. I was instantly enamored by the square photos of her cute little girls chasing lambs and bottle-feeding cows - their hair a tangled mess and the bottoms of their cowboy boots worn through. The family lives in a tiny cabin on their property; the four girls - all named Mary- bunking together in the attic. For many, their story is not only intriguing but inspiring - a professional, Silicon Valley couple moved to the rural ranch in a sweet sort of Beverly Hillbillies reversal.

For me, the photos of the girls were so reminiscent of my own childhood on the farm where I shared a room with my sister in our 800 sq. ft. farmhouse. My dad raised sheep for many years, and it seems we always had lambs running through the house or cuddled up in a box by the wood fire. I hit the follow button. And then, I spent the next six months liking everything Mary posted - from her new cowboy boots to a sunset photo of her and her husband out on the 4 wheelers with tired, happy smiles. She easily became my favorite inspiration online - and I loved seeing her hard work paying off as her business grew. I just kept wanting to cheer her on - you go girl, and also please make me one of those Side Car cocktails, please.

Then, my dad and I started talking about selling cuts of meat directly from our family farm. And Mary Heffernan suddenly appeared everywhere - as a guest speaker at the Montana Farm Bureau convention, in articles in Dad's ranching magazines and in Murdoch's - as the poster girl for Carhartt. If only I could sit down for a cup of coffee with this gal, I thought to myself (because while the cocktail might be fun- I could learn so much from her!) I had just been asked to be part of a feature for a national publication myself and hoped the press would be good marketing for this new business venture.

Then low and behold my prayers were answered -clearly hundreds of other farmgirls hoping for the same thing - Mary offered her first ever course for Entrepreneurs. While not my first business (Hello, my name is Alyson, and I am an overachiever), the ins and outs of selling meat varies significantly from running vacation rentals and a brick and mortar retail store full of home décor and antiques. Plus, I had initially planned to ship meat thinking it necessary to tap into a bigger market than the local area where I live. I needed intel on everything from shipping to marketing online - how does one grow on Instagram, I wondered? So, I invested in my dreams and enrolled.

The course offered even more than I could have expected and was worth every penny. Not only did the M5 Small Business Accelerator course jump start my new business, it helped me refine and grow my other businesses too! An unexpected but huge benefit of the course is the M5 Entrepreneurs Community where I chat with hundreds of other small business women and men and solution real life problems of running our businesses. We talk everything from discount codes on honey bottles to where to buy meat labels. It's nice to have extra eyes on a new logo or get advice on what cuts are selling best. It's an invaluable resource. And while I hope that maybe someday Mary and I will share that coffee or cocktail in person, we've enjoyed a virtual one or two on Zoom in Q & A sessions. Mary has championed my business and my dreams in so many ways which go way beyond purchasing a course or taking a class online. Thanks, Mary!

If you are dreaming about starting your own business or growing your existing business, especially if you are AG - related, I can't recommend this program enough.

The course includes:

*Small Business from Scratch

*Social Media from Scratch

*Selling & Shipping from Scratch

*Mary & Brain Q&A Calls

*The Ranchers Locker

*Beginning Business Boot Camp

and "MAKE IT HAPPEN MONDAYS" where M5 sends you an email each Monday for 52 weeks (!) with a small business topic from the course, extra resources, videos, links and inspiration to make it happen. I know we are all busy and taking the time to dive into course material can be hard, but to get the most out of this course investment there is easy to digest actionable content!


The complete road map to building a profitable business with concrete practical information, tools and resources to take your business to the next level efficiently and cost effectively. It spans 5 different modules, 78 chapters, 3 workbooks and numerous extra tools, resources, Q&A calls and guidance along the way.

M5 Entrepreneurs Community

The M5 Entrepreneurs Community is a virtual gathering place to ask questions, find answers, share opportunities and group discounts, develop relationships with like-minded business owners and connect with each other.

*Must be registered in the Accelerator

I'm super happy to answer any questions about my M5 experience. And if nothing else, can I suggest you find out more about this real-deal ranching family.

Wondering what's up with all the girls being named Mary? Read their story here.

And if by some chance you aren't following Five Mary's on Instagram - find her here.

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