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how to order shares of pork & beef


1. Ask yourself


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Pork shares offer the most value-added options

A whole hog is literally the entire animal. This means that you’ll get all the cuts and formats to choose from. Since you’re getting two sides of pork, you may choose to receive different cuts from each side to create more variety in your freezer. Typical whole-hog carcass weights will be 150 to 225 pounds. 

A half-hog is one side of the carcass split down the middle of the spine. You will still have all the options of cuts and formats that you get with a whole hog, just half the volume. Typical half-hog carcass weights will be 75 to 115 pounds.

In a predetermined boxed pork share expect to get some chops, ground pork, and maybe some bacon, sausage, or roasts.

Beef shares occur when you purchase a portion of the animal, alongside other people with whom you’ll be splitting the yield after slaughter and butchering - or sharing. We offer a half, or a quarter of beef and arrange butcher dates with local processors who will help you determine what custom cuts you prefer. 

A half-share, also known as a side of beef, is literally half of the carcass, split down the middle of the spine, providing you a choice of every available cut. Typical carcass weights for half-shares range from 200 to 300 pounds.

A quarter-share would be a smaller selection of cuts from each region of a side of beef, the total amount equaling one-quarter of the total carcass weight. Depending on the producer, a quarter-share may allow for customization. If not, all quarter-shares include the same selection of cuts. Quarter-shares are often in the range of 100 to 150 pounds carcass weight.

Farm Kid & Co. also offers custom boxes of beef cuts which are inspected, retail cuts. 

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