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DIY Dry Sink Vanity

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Turning your bathroom into a restful and cozy retreat, infused with farmhouse charm, can be accomplished with a simple vanity DIY. Re-purposing an antique or vintage piece as a sink base is an easy way of adding character and making the space a reflection of your personal style.

A primitive dry sink pared with an enamel bowl and matte black faucet work together to add character into our renovated 1880’s homestead cottage.


  • A vintage or vintage-inspired furniture piece such as small buffet, dresser or dry sink. Look for solid, wood construction and interesting detail.

  • Sink. Create a vessel type sink with a water-tight enamel or galvanized tub, or use a drop-in sink from the hardware store.

  • Faucet and drain.

  • Jigsaw or Hole saw and drill

  • Caulk

  • Basic plumbing tools


1. Select your furniture piece by measuring the space and would-be vanity to ensure a good fit. When re-purposing a vintage or antique piece, check for stability and condition. Decide on the size of your sink and whether you will use a vessel sink or a drop-in style.

2. Clean and prime your furniture piece using Bin-Primer which blocks stains and is self-leveling to eliminate brush strokes. Paint with color of your choice.

3. For a drop-in sink, using a pencil and the template, mark out the placement of the sink on the top of the furniture piece. Cut with a jigsaw. Fit drop-in sink in place and use caulk to seal the edge.

4. For a vessel-style sink, mark location of the drain and faucet and drill with the appropriate sized hole saw. Once holes are cut install sink and faucet and then set the furniture piece in the space before connecting plumbing.

5. Hint: it’s always wise to measure twice. Cut once. If your furniture piece has a drawer which impedes the plumbing, remove the drawer bottom.

6. Before installing the plumbing, touch-up any paint and then for durability and easy-clean-up, paint the furniture piece with two-coats of clear top coat or a water-based polyurethane.

7. Consider hiring a licensed plumber to help guide your installation project or complete it for you. While plumbing might not be your forte, a basic knowledge including how to install a sink drain is essential for any farm gal.

Other Ideas:

Casey and I retrofitted an antique dresser as the bathroom vanity in our Red Barn guest loft.

The curved lines and trim details on this antique buffet compliment the feminine details in this new-construction farmhouse bathroom I designed for my momma.

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