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Rural Revival Podcast Interview

Listen in here:

At church a few weeks back our pastor talked about how we need to share the stories of God's faithfulness. How so often he answers our prayers with something other than what we had asked for. Trust his timing. His plan. We have to remember we only see through the knot hole in the fence. Our view is limited. But God, he has a 360 view. This is certainly one of those situations and while I'd like to see where it is all going, I'm trusting in God's goodness and asking that he makes it clear he is holding reins. I want to tell you a story. Actually, I want to tell you part of the story. On a Thursday night early in August I got an Instagram message. It seemed a bit like a scam- you know the buy a million followers kind of thing... I mean I'm no social media guru here, but this gal was asking if I would be available for a podcast interview. Me. She said she loved my story. It didn't seem possible because to be honest, I just don't see myself in the limelight. It isn't something I've sought and honestly it is scary! (Which is ironic in that I'm featured the national magazine Where Women Cook which hit new stands Oct 1.) So, anyway, I agreed. Yes. Come Monday at 9 am. See you then. And then I felt like I might puke. And then, I spent the weekend in a quasi panic. She loves "my story". What does that mean? It helped that we were headed to the cabin for the weekend where I was off grid for 3 days because as I looked at the previous podcasts on her website, serious doubt started creeping in- so many incredible businesses were listed, people I've been learning from like Mary Heffernan of Five Mary's Farms in California (I'm enrolled in her small business class and found it a wonderful community). But, Lord I prayed... I'm trusting you on this one.

On that Monday morning I opened the door and welcomed Danna of the Rural Revival into my home along with her traveling buddy. I had no idea what to expect and still was clueless about what to say, why she was there. But she was clear. After a hug (I love it when people hug), she said, "I've got to tell you why I'm here..." I was glad she knew- was certain God had led her. You see she had been faithfully praying about who to include in her podcast and felt led to travel here to Montana. However, she wasn't sure who she was supposed to come interview. She trusted God would show her.

Later, she was doing a bit of research on Pintrest and came across my new logo, for a business I was launching. Only I hadn't shared the logo yet. The link was dead. It went nowhere even though she was drawn to it as a lead. Then, on that Thursday literally days before she started a trip from Iowa she found me, my website, the logo, and she knew. She messaged me. My podcast will be released on Thursday and I had a wonderful time visiting with Dana and Joni.

But the most amazing thing about the whole experience was how God used them to encourage my doubting heart. They spoke his word over me, prayed with me, and their trust in his timing confirmed he is working something out. He has been in every detail. I hope you all will be encouraged- God cares about the details. He is in the every day. He loves us. Truly, I'm not sure where all of this is going but I am working towards trusting in his faithfulness. 💕

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