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Enjoy a bouquet of blooms delivered each week throughout the summer! These flowers are special, grown locally and designed by a budding flower farmer and award-winning floral designer, Evie Dorr. 


Weekly bouqets are available for pick up or may be deilvered within 30 minutes of the farm. They will arrive designed, ready for a quick trim and then all you'll need to do is  just plop them into a vase of your choosing from your private collection, and enjoy! They make a wonderful gift for a friend or special someone. 


Each week will include a carefully crafted group of 25+ stems which compliment each other. No two weeks will be exactly alike.  


Please note: Working with Mother Nature means we can’t guarantee that the flower varieties and colors will be exactly as stated (or pictured!), we can guarantee that we always pick the highest quality stems we can from our field and that your arrangement will be fresh, beautiful, and you (or your recipient!) will love it. We try our best to use regenerative, organic growing practices and prefer heirloom variety seeds. 


  • 10 Large bouquets of beautiful blooms grown locally on our farm and harvested by Evie
  • July 11- Sept 5
  • Delivery weekly to a Flathead Valley address within 15 miles from our farm (most deliveries will be Tuesdays). Pick up also available. 
  • Buy for yourself or a friend

Farm Girl 10-Week Market Bouquet Subscription

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